Pour rendre les transports en commun plus attractifs que les voitures :

Economie énergétique, avec moitié des accelerations et freinages supprimés.

Economie de temps pour les voyageurs avec 1 arret sur 2 supprimés, mais possibilité de choisir sa destination.

Economie du nombre de véhicules avec une augmention de 40% de la vitesse moyenne, donc les véhicules peuvent faire plus d’aller-retour dans la journée pour un meme nombre de voyageurs.

the TRAM and the METRO become more attractive than the car: High Speed Metro

To increase the commercial speed of subways by 50%, 2 solutions:

1) Eliminate 50% of stations, which currently means an inter-station distance greater than 1 km for the new lines.
Disadvantage for travelers: 8-12 minutes extra walk to station, then walk to destination.

2) Alternate shorter subways which stop at 2 out of 4 stations, but which allow everyone to leave and go where they want.
   - Subway trains NEVER double
- The waiting time at the station and a maximum of 4 min to go to the station of your choice,
- You get on one of the 3 metro sets that stop to go among the 4 destination colors.

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Enseignant Lycée Touchard-Washington Le Mans

Example of a station for travelers

The traveler looks at the color of his destination, to choose the train with that color.

The traveler takes the first or the second set that stops:

Blue-red or blue-green which stop one behind the other.


Blue-Yellow which stops by itself.

To go to a blue station, the traveler can take any train that stops

Only one possible color combination out of 120 (5x4x3x2) for the order of two-colored subways

If the subways are arranged in another combination, the frequency is not as good: risk of overtaking.

You can modify the values below and recalculate or change to off-peak or busy period


1) Energy saving, with half of the accelerations and braking removed.

1.5 times faster commercial speed for travelers with 1 in 2 stops removed.

Increase in passenger capacity transported with an average speed 1.5 times faster.

Vehicles can make more round trips during the day for the same number of travelers.

50% greater number of round trips (for metro and tram)

2) Shorter wait times by using smaller subways, but more and more often.

During off-peak periods, the subways stop in all stations: The waiting times in the station are the same as in peak periods, because the subways are 6 times smaller and 6 times more numerous.

High Speed Subways: Subways and trams never double.

They follow each other in regular order and stop twice out of 4. By modifying the following values, then clicking on "Recalculate", the diagram is modified. You can switch to Off-peak Hours or busy periods. The commercial speed is also recalculated.