2 out of 4 stops in the station with the current version of the metro: High Speed Metro

We can currently test the 2sur4 metro with current metro trains:

- automatically by reprogramming the control system: trainsets 1 (Yellow-Blue) stop in Yellow station and in Blue station. The same applies to the other trains.

- with people who are metro drivers if they stop in 2-color stations

(the driver of train 1 only stops at yellow stations and blue stations on the outward journey).

The waiting time will be longer for travelers, this loss of time is offset by the gain by eliminating 2 out of 4 stops. In addition, the frequency is increased, because the Round Trip is done more quickly.

Travelers will be informed with numerous signs in the colors of the stations

For example, in Lille the quays are already planned to accommodate a second train on each quay.

Contact : patrick.colsenet@gmail.com

Enseignant Lycée Touchard-Washington Le Mans